First week in Niamey

I left SFO Friday May 27th, 2016. After a long trip of about 35 hours I landed in Niamey-Niger on Sunday 29th, 2016 at 5:30 p.m local time. I was directly hit by a heat wave that reminded me of how Africa can be hot and dry. About two hours after landing in Niger, I attended to a meeting with OASIS and PSI (the two organization I will work with) representatives; an overview if the projects was given as well as my potential role in the projects.

During my first week in Niamey, I attended a five (05) day course for Master II students facilitated by OASIS at the faculty of Agronomy of the University of Niamey Abdou Moumouni. This course was pretty much about the following points:

  • Place and role of Women in Agriculture in Niger.
  • Concepts of contraceptive methods, “l’ecole des maris” (“school for husbands” in English), and women and young girls’ education in Family planning (FP).
  • Demography in Niger and projection by 2050.
  • Scaling successful interventions.

The course ended Friday and I gained a lot from this training about the actual FP situation in Niger. like it was said: “a lot need to be done in view to revert the actual tendency.”

Thus far, everything is going well for me here in Niamey but the heat that is hard to handle. I am always the only one sweeting everywhere I go; it is crazy but true. And I feel like I already lost 1 or 2 lb (LOL!!!). However, I hope that I will adapt quickly. I’ve had great meals (they were so good than I expected OMG!!! I cannot even imagine that I would say that trust me!!!) so far.

I’ve wrote 4 weeks ago it and forgot to publish…I am sorry

Lionel Ouonkap (Niamey-Niger).


3 thoughts on “First week in Niamey

  1. So good to hear from you Lionel! Seems like you are learning a lot in your program and we hope you are contributing a lot as well to the project. And I must say that I’m surprised that Niamey has culinary delights! Looking forward to hearing more from you.


    1. yeah I am doing my best to contribute as much as I can…even though there were some technical difficulties to begin with


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